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Ghost 200 Kit

Underground automation for swing gates.

The Ghost is an underground electromechanical operator suitable for residential and commercial swing gate applications.  The powerful 400W irreversible motor locks the gate firmly against mechanical stops in both open and closed positions.  (The stop can be located inside the foundation box casing).  There is an Emergency manual release system which is used in the event of power failure, it is supplied with one key with each underground box. Also with the underground gate system an 180 degree opening is also possible using item 216.  The underground motors now come with 8 metres off cable which cuts out unwanted junction boxes and makes installation easier as you can wire the motor directly into control panel.

The DEA underground gate system is also available in 24vdc with battery backup and many extra facilities including motor slowing down at end off stroke and anti crush device.

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The Ghost 200 kit comprises:

  • 2x 200 ghost motors (8m cable)
  • 2x 215 Galvanized Foundation boxes
  • 2x TR2 MIO remote controls
  • 1x Lumy/A flashing Light with built-in 433 Mhz aerial
  • 1x set of 104 Minilux photocells
  • 1x 127 warning sign
  • 1x 202/RR control Board
  • 4 year warranty

215L – Stainless steel foundation box
216 – 180° opener
218 – Mechanical stop

Technical Ghost 200
Max. wing (Gate) length 3.5m
Max. wing (Gate) weight 800kg
Foundation Boxes Galvanised steel